Whiplash or Auto Accident Injuries

Whiplash is a common result of auto accidents, even in seemingly minor crashes. Aches and pains that can come as a result can disrupt your life in ways you don’t immediately anticipate. While soreness may last only a few days, other symptoms might not even appear until days or even weeks following an injury. A visit to our local chiropractor can be a way to alleviate immediate pain; but that same visit can also allay your suspicion of serious injury.

Sudden Shock Is Damaging

The sudden snapping motion that characterizes whiplash is responsible for a variety of problems. Headaches, muscle soreness, neck and shoulder pain, and the inability to rotate the head are common complaints after a rear-impact crash. Nausea, dizziness, tingling of the arms and legs and persistent fatigue can also alert you to the need for treatment. The small bones and connective nerves and tissues at the top of the spinal column are susceptible to damage, but often such injuries must be diagnosed through a comprehensive examination and additional tests, including X-ray and imaging. Whiplash is serious, whether it stems from an auto accident, a sports injury or another type of sudden trauma. Left untreated, it can lead to chronic malaise, and may also contribute to more extensive spinal problems.

Getting Treatment in Calgary

At Bankers Hall Chiropractic, we address whiplash with a variety of treatments designed to heal the body rather than simply to reduce pain and mask symptoms. Our trained specialists employ non-invasive and drug-free treatment such as spinal adjustment and manipulation in order to prevent further damage and severe pain. Remedial techniques, including active release therapy, hot laser treatment, gentle exercise, massage, and relaxation techniques help improve range of motion and encourage the body’s own restorative powers. They also relieve the nagging side effects of whiplash and other sudden traumatic spinal injury.

Do you suspect that you have a whiplash injury following a minor bumper-thumper? Have you delayed treatment for a sports injury? Why not call immediately to schedule an appointment with our Calgary chiropractor? Your health is in our hands.

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