Tips for Improving Posture and Workplace Ergonomics

The way you sit or stand at work can end up having a big impact on your joints. Poor posture can increase your risk of suffering from a workplace injury that causes back pain, neck pain or pain in other joints. Keep the following downtown Calgary posture improvement tips in mind to reduce your risk of being injured on the job or developing joint problems due to wear and tear.

Sit and Stand Straight

When you are sitting at your desk, keep your back straight and both feet on the floor. Avoid tilting your head forward or down if possible, and do not lean to one side or cross your legs in an uneven position. These postures lead to uneven weight distribution, which puts more pressure on your joints. When you are on your feet at work, stand with your back straight instead of slouching. This also helps ensure that weight is evenly distributed throughout your body.

Use Ergonomics to Prevent Workplace Injuries

Making use of ergonomics can help you lower your risk of an injury at work. You can do this by using ergonomic equipment at work, such as chairs that offer adjustable support for your back, which eases pressure on your spine. Other ergonomic tips for preventing a downtown Calgary work place injury include moving your computer screen so that it is level with your eyes, placing a lumbar back support or pillow behind you if you do not have an ergonomic chair and using footrests.

Exercise for Proper Posture

Certain kinds of exercises can help you improve your posture, such as working on strengthening your upper body for more support. Regular physical activity, such as walking, also helps make your back muscles stronger and promotes proper posture.

Contact Our Downtown Calgary Chiropractor

If you have on-going pain from a work place injury, please contact our Downtown Calgary chiropractor to schedule an appointment. We can help you find the right treatment for effective pain relief.

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