Recovering From a Sports Injury

Whether it’s on the court, track, or green, injuries happen. No matter your level of involvement in the sport you love, using your body puts it at risk for damage beyond the wear-and-tear of the everyday. Luckily, experienced chiropractic care administered by a professional chiropractor in Calgary can help get you back on track in no time. ​

There are several sports injuries that are common occurrences, and victims of these injuries benefit greatly from chiropractic care. Professional chiropractors found at Bankers Hall Chiropractic can utilize a blended therapy, custom-tailored to your body, in order to optimize your treatment. New technologies such as shockwave therapy treatments are specifically designed to accelerate your healing process and get you back to training in no time.

Most common sports injuries are the result of misuse of a joint due to congenital misalignment of the body. Simply put, not everybody is built perfectly. Injuries such as tennis elbow and runner’s knee are the result of a repeated movement on a joint that is unstable or imprecise which leads to inflammation, swelling, and pain. A skilled chiropractor will be able to assess the injury and re-align the joint thus alleviating symptoms immediately as well as assisting in the prevention of further injury. Over the long-term, this means that your joints will work more efficiently and more closely to how they are meant to. This will optimize your performance, and strengthen the supporter muscles which will prevent future injury as you continue in your training. Our chiropractors can also assess optimal form; how should your body move, how does it move, and what can you do to help it move better? Knowing these individual quirks are key to an athlete’s success on the field, and will help you become the best that you can be.

So what are some of your fitness goals and how can our clinic help you to achieve them? Are you recovering from a sports injury, or looking to optimize your performance?

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