Questions about Ergonomics

What Is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the science of fitting the workplace to the user’s needs, in order to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing the risk of injuries. It takes into account the function of the human body and its normal movement so that workplaces can be made more comfortable and more efficient.

Why Are Ergonomics Important?

Studies show that work environments can have a significant effect on worker injuries. Changes in the work environment that allow workers to complete their tasks with less physical effort and more efficient movement can help to reduce the number of work-related injuries that lead to lost productivity and higher insurance costs.

What’s the Most Common Ergonomic Problem in Workplaces?

The most common ergonomic injury in the workplace is lower back pain. These injuries can result from lifting activities and from repetitive turning movements while doing work tasks. The pain can result from injured disks within the spinal column or from muscle strain. These injuries can be treated with a number of chiropractic techniques, such as hot and cold compresses, spinal manipulation to relieve pressure on nerves, stretching exercise to improve range of motion and other methods.

What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an injury to the carpal tunnel, a hollow area in the wrist through which nerves pass. Injuries to this area can cause numbness, pain, a buzzing sensation and reduced movement. Carpal tunnel injuries often occur in workers who spend long periods working at the computer keyboard.

What Can Workers Do Protect Themselves From Ergonomic Injuries?

All workers should be aware of the common hazards that exist in a typical work environment, such as computer equipment that is not at a comfortable height, lack of rest pads for the wrist, insufficient materials handling equipment that cause lifting injuries and twisting motions that cause back injuries.

Let Bankers Hall Chiropractic Help with Ergonomics

Dr. Collins, Dr. Byrtus, Dr. Menzies and the compassionate staff at Bankers Hall Chiropractic are committed to providing superior care for the patients of Calgary and surrounding communities. We offer a wide array of services, including diversified technique, shockwave therapy, and K-laser therapy. Contact Bankers Hall Chiropractic today at (403) 243-0111 for an appointment to discuss how changing the ergonomics of your workplace can help you avoid injury and work more efficiently.

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