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Here’s what patients are saying regarding Dr. Collins and Bankers Hall Chiropractic:

I came into the office seeking pain relief for upper back pain which started in January/08. I previously tried taking Robaxcet with poor results. Since I have started with Bankers hall Chiropractic I have noticed a 90% improvement in my symptoms. I have also noticed I am sleeping better and less stomach irritation. I would recommend Bankers hall Chiropractic to anyone suffering from any form of back or joint pain.
– L.M

I came into the office initially seeking relief from Migraine headaches. I have had troubles with migraine since childhood. I have noticed a reduction in headaches from having them weekly to once every few months. I have also noticed an improvement in energy, movement, better posture, and better sleep. I was referred by family physician. Dr. Collins has been providing care for my husband and me for over 10 years and always has with compassion, attention and great sense of humor. His office staff Marianne and Flo has also always welcomed us with a smile and more than willing to assist if they can.
– T.S

I came into the office seeking relief for Right hip, buttocks spasm over the nerve. I could not sit without extreme pain. My symptoms began five days before I came into the office to see Dr. Collins. I was taking Motrin the maximum daily dose which allowed me 6hrs with less pain which would return after the meds wore off. I tried Robaxcet but it just made me feel nauseated. I began to feel less pain with one week of care which has continued for the last eight weeks and now I am pain free. I have also noticed that I am a lot happier because I am more active walking and running again. I was reluctant at first to try chiropractic. Now I am a total convert to chiropractic and especially the activator technique. I believe Dr. Collins is a wonder worker.
– A.C.B

I saw Dr. Byrtus initially for midback and lowback pain while running. My symptoms started 2 years ago. I was taking Ibuprofen often as directed on the bottle for pain relief. I have made excellent progress, I can run now and I’m not in pain afterwards. I have also noticed better digestion and a reduction in my migraine headaches. I heard about the office at posture screening. I feel so much better after coming to see Dr.Byrtus. I don’t why I lived in pain for so long.
– G.L

I started care looking for relief from headaches, wristpain, shoulder tightness, very sore neck and upper back pain. These symptoms have gone on for many years. I was taking massage and Advil with very short term relief. Since I have started at Bankers Hall Chiropractic my body is much more efficient less absenteeism fro work and overall much better. I was refer to the office by a coworker. I have an overall wellness improvement of 200%. The headaches have disappeared, the wrists have become stronger, the neck and shoulders alignment has improved drastically and my hips and knees are much better. No pain medication is required. Dr. Collins is a sensitive chiropractor who effectively deals with all the aches and pains.
– R.J

I initially started care for relief from a back injury which was determined to be a lumber disk hernia ion. I was taking powerful pain killers for pain relief. The treatment has dramatically reduced the pain in my lower back and I was able to resume my recreational activities. I have been very happy with the care and plan to continue treatment to avoid future incidents
– S.O

I started care seeking relief from back issues because it gotten to appoint where I couldn’t lift any amount of weight. I had symptoms for one month prior to starting treatment. By the time I came in for treatment I was in severe pain and I couldn’t stand up straight, it sucked. I feel great now and I continue to get treatment so I keep feeling great. I also have more energy and found my posture to be way better. My coworker referred me to the office. I feel great, I have better energy, less headaches, better posture, less aches all together and a new positive outlook on chiropractors.
– K.O

I came into the office and I could barely walk with the pain in my hip and back. I have had these symptoms for years. I was taking muscle relaxants for pain relief. Since starting care I haven’t felt this good in years. I no longer have pain in my hips and the upper back as well. I also have noticed that I have more energy now and I do not get tired from walking, because the pain in my hips is gone. The office was confidently located close to my work. Thank you Dr. Collins you have made my life so much better. To be pain free is a wonderful feeling! Everyone should try this K.S.T method… They won’t be sorry.
– Anonymous