History of Chiropractic Care

When you consider just how long ago some health care practices began, the history of chiropractic care seems fairly recent. It wasn’t until the year 1895 that the first chiropractic adjustment was given. A man in Iowa in the United States by the name of Daniel David Palmer is given credit for being the founder of chiropractic medicine. His first patient was a deaf man named Harvey Lillard. After Palmer put Lillard’s vertebra back in place, he could hear again. Two years later, Palmer opened a school of chiropractic. His friend, Reverend Samuel Weed helped to come up with the word chiropractic by joining the words cheiros and praktikos, which means, “done by hand.”

The Development of Chiropractic Care

The development of this new field continued throughout the 1900s. When it comes to the growth of this field, there are some important years that stand out:

  • 1922: enrollment at Palmer’s school exceeded 3,000 and the number of chiropractic schools had increased to 80.
  • 1930: The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) is formed
  • 1974: The U.S. Office of Education allows licensing through an accrediting agency

Our Downtown Calgary Chiropractor Offers a Natural Approach to Healthcare

Because the field of chiropractic health care took a more natural, drug-free approach, it has not always been accepted by healthcare professionals whose care is more centered on Western medicine practices. By the mid-1990s however, the interest in chiropractic medicine began to grow. In 2004, A study by the government showed that more than 40 million people receive chiropractic care. Today, many chiropractors, including our chiropractor in downtown Calgary, offer drug-free, non-invasive approaches to maintaining optimum health. Though it is considered an alternative form of medicine, chiropractic care is becoming widely accepted by traditional doctors and is even covered by most insurance plans.

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