When you experience persistent pain caused by daily wear and tear, an injury or an underlying condition with inflammation, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia or carpal tunnel syndrome, conventional treatment methods are not always enough to relieve symptoms. At Bankers Hall Chiropractic, we offer K laser therapy in Downtown Calgary that is designed to relieve pain and promote healing.

K Laser Therapy at Bankers Hall Chiropractic Offers Effective Pain Relief

K laser therapy can provide you with effective relief by reducing inflammation, speeding up the healing process and easing chronic pain. This type of treatment is a non-invasive one that involves using light energy. Research has shown that light energy can be used effectively by damaged cells and turned into fuel known as ATP. This fuel is needed in order to repair damage and reduce inflammation. K laser therapy does not involve the use of heat, which makes it a safer form of treatment that is not associated with discomfort or other unpleasant side effects. It can be used several times without increasing the risk of damage to nerves or other harmful effects.

Our Downtown Calgary Chiropractor Offers Safe K Laser Therapy

Our downtown Calgary chiropractor provides K laser therapy as an alternative form of treatment for those who have not found relief through medication or other forms of treatment. This type of therapy uses a high-tech K laser to distribute light energy to the affected area. K laser therapy was officially approved for use as a form of treatment in 2012, although lasers have been used for pain relief for more than a decade. In fact, Class IV therapy lasers were first approved by the FDA in 2003. The K laser that our neck pain chiropractor downtown Calgary uses an Intense Super Pulse mode that is able to reach deeper layers of tissue without affecting layers that are closer to the surface. This results in more effective pain relief for those with back pain, neck pain or pain in other joints.

Effects of K Laser Therapy

K laser therapy is associated with a number of benefits for those with chronic pain. These include the following:

  • Promotes faster healing in damaged muscle tissue
  • Supports the healing process for more effective relief
  • Does not involve any invasive techniques that can have unpleasant side effects, such as bleeding or infection
  • Provides immediate improvement for some individuals, although several treatment sessions are generally needed for optimal relief
  • Can be combined with other forms of treatment, such as chiropractic care or physiotherapy, to produce even more effective results

Visit Our Back Pain Chiropractor Downtown Calgary

If you have back pain that does not respond to conventional treatment, please contact Bankers Hall Chiropractic to make an appointment. Our back pain chiropractor Downtown Calgary can provide you with treatment that eases discomfort. Our K laser therapy and other treatments can also help ease neck pain and pain in other areas.