Here at Bankers Hall Chiropractic, we believe in providing you the best possible solution to your health and wellness concerns. While we offer a range of services, all designed toward maximizing your health and minimizing your health issues or discomforts, one of our most effective treatments is the diversified technique.

Diversified Technique from Our Chiropractor in Calgary

Are you wondering whether diversified technique from a chiropractor in Calgary might help you? Good question. While you might not recognize the name offhand, diversified technique is actually a foundational element in chiropractic care. Not only our chiropractor in Calgary, but all chiropractors use this technique each and every day in practice. If you’re curious to learn more about it or how it can help you, you’ll find a brief FAQ below.

What Is Diversified Technique?

Simply, the diversified technique is manual manipulation, in which your chiropractor uses a targeted thrust of the hand to adjust a part of the spine. This hand thrust is delivered at a high pressure, though it is brief. The goal is to adjust a part of the spine to restore it to normal function.

On What Parts of the Body Can Chiropractors Use Diversified Technique?

Any place there is a joint, a chiropractor can theoretically use this technique. It is more common on the spine but is also used on shoulders, knees, elbows, hips and other areas that require adjustment for optimal health.

Do Chiropractors Use Tools in Diversified Technique?

Not during the adjustment itself. However, chiropractors may use tools such as X-rays or ultrasounds to help determine what might be going on in a specific spot in the body and to help them form a plan to address the issue. Nevertheless, when it comes time to perform the adjustment, they will still just use their hands.

Does Everything “Go Back into Place”?

It is a misconception that something needs to be “out of place” or “out of joint” in order for a chiropractor to adjust it. In fact, chiropractors often treat people who are feeling perfectly healthy, because diversified technique just helps to ensure that everything stays where it is supposed to be.

Does Diversified Technique Hurt?

The diversified technique does not hurt, though you may feel a brief pinch or sharp thrust when the chiropractor first performs the adjustment. However, most patients report feeling significant relief right after the adjustment. Overall, it does not hurt, and never leaves lingering discomfort.

How Can Bankers Hall Chiropractic Help You?

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