A spinal adjustment is performed when an area of the spine is slightly misaligned and or not moving in their normal motion. An adjustment can be performed with hand held device called a “Activator” which will deliver a very light but quick thrust to restore the spinal alignment. The chiropractic spinal adjustment can also be delivered manually by hand, where a light pressure is applied to the spine and an impulse is applied to restore normal spinal motion. Restoring the normal motion to the spine is a key in alleviating tension, irritation and pain to spinal regions. Which type spinal adjustment is dependent on a number of factors, with patient preference playing a large role in that choice.

The longer period of time, a spinal region is not moving properly, tension and friction will increase, resulting in more stress to the spinal joints and supporting structures. The majority of people think, “ the pain will just go away on its own” if given time. If you are sitting in the same position five or six days a week eight to ten hours a day, this causes a lot of static pressure to the same areas of your neck or lower back to develop. The more frequent and longer periods of time that we ignore symptoms like pain and stiffness, the more likely we are going to end up with wear and tear to the spinal regions, resulting in osteoarthritis.

Spinal dysfunction long term, can adversely affect the quality of your life. People are less likely to lead an active lifestyle if they have large amounts of spinal wear and tear in their neck or lower backs. The less people move actively, causes increased pressure at the involved spinal regions. Our ” spinal joints” respond better to movement, this allows for lubrication the joints and allows the body to naturally dissipate tension in these areas. Restoring motion to the spine and body is essential in leading a health active lifestyle. Your spinal health will directly effect your ability to enjoy a lot of things such as golf, skiing or even walking the dog. Make sure that you make your spine a priority and get it checked!