The formation of scar tissue or the presence of adhesions in your joints, muscles or other tissue can lead to persistent pain and increased stiffness. Eliminating this damaged tissue through Active Release Therapy can help you find relief. The following questions and answers can help you understand what is involved with this type of chiropractic care.

Common Questions about Active Release Therapy Explained by Our Chiropractor in Calgary

How Is Active Release Therapy Done?

Active release therapy, or ART, is a type of treatment that involves having a chiropractor check the affected parts of your body for signs of tension that might indicate scar tissue or adhesions. You will also be evaluated for your range of motion in order to determine if pain and stiffness are affecting your flexibility. Our chiropractor in downtown Calgary spends time finding and targeting certain muscles and other affected areas in order to apply tension that will break up scar tissue and adhesions. This can help ease pain and relieve stiffness.

Is Active Release Therapy Safe?

There are no invasive methods involved in ART as there are for surgery for joint and muscle problems. Instead, chiropractors use their hands to conduct evaluations and perform the Active Release Technique. This makes it a safe and effective form of treatment for those with chronic pain and a restricted range of motion. ART is not associated with serious or long-term complications. Some patients do experience some degree of discomfort during treatment, but this is typically mild and does not last long.

What Is Active Release Therapy Used For?

ART is used for many kinds of injuries, such as sports injuries and injuries caused by overusing muscles or joints in the workplace. In fact, there are more than 500 specific protocols available for targeting ligament, muscle, tendon and joint injuries. It can be used effectively for treating chronic pain and stiffness brought on by arthritis and other types of medical conditions that can cause scar tissue and adhesions to form. Other conditions that ART can be used for include tennis elbow, shoulder pain, plantar fasciitis, whiplash, and headaches.

Is It the Same as Massage Therapy or Physical Therapy?

ART shares certain similarities with these other types of therapies, but it also has significant differences. Active Release Therapy does not apply as much pressure as deep tissue massage. It also involves actively moving and stretching muscles in the affected area to build up tension that will eliminate scar tissue and adhesions. ART targets very specific areas as well, instead of focusing on broader areas as massage therapy often does. Physical therapy is designed to improve flexibility and ease pain, but it does so in different ways than ART.

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