When you sustain multiple injuries to tissues over the years, scar tissue can build up. Adhesions can also form, resulting in ongoing discomfort and a limited range of motion. Injuries or damage to your joints, muscles and other types of tissue caused by accidents or medical conditions, such as arthritis, heal on their own to a certain extent, but this often leads to the formation of adhesions and scar tissue. Chiropractic care involving Active Release Therapy offers effective relief from chronic pain. This type of therapy, also known as ART, also provides a number of other benefits overall.

Types of Benefits of Release Therapy

Restores Range of Motion- If your movements are restricted by scar tissue or adhesions, ART provides a way to break these down. Our downtown Calgary chiropractor uses this technique to target specific movements that are difficult for you to do and helps you become more flexible again. This allows your joints and connective tissue to move more freely, which helps you regain your normal range of motion.

Eliminates Adhesions and Scar Tissue- Active Release Therapy is effectively used for getting rid of adhesions and scar tissue. This type of chiropractic treatment involves targeting specific muscles and areas that have adhesions or scar tissue. Applying tension to these areas helps break this tissue up, this eases pain and stiffness. This allows you to focus on building up the affected muscles again, so they can become stronger. Scar tissue and adhesions tend to weaken these muscles.

Used for a Wide Range of Injuries- Active Release Therapy can be used for several types of injuries. Whether you have joint pain from arthritis or muscle pain from overuse or repetitive use, ART can help you recover. This treatment can relieve pain from carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica and many other kinds of injuries that affect muscles, ligaments, joints and other parts of the body. ART is also used for treating other conditions that cause chronic or frequent pain, such as headaches.

Reliable Results from Our Chiropractor in Downtown Calgary

When you have Active Release Therapy for ongoing pain, you can expect to enjoy reliable results. Our chiropractor in downtown Calgary can determine where you have adhesions or scar tissue causing problems and focus on these areas during treatment. Targeting these areas rather than focusing on a larger area or an entire joint or muscle allows for faster relief from pain and stiffness.

Non-Invasive Treatment

Active Release Therapy offers a non-invasive form of treatment for pain relief as opposed to surgical procedures to remove scar tissue and adhesions. With ART, you do not have to worry about infections and other potential complications that are associated with invasive treatment methods. Instead, you can expect to undergo a safe form of treatment that offers relief.

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