Chiropractic Care Can Provide Drug-Free Pain Relief

When pain levels reach into the stratosphere, you may be ready to take any treatment offered to you, including narcotic medications. You do not need to risk dependence on pain medication to achieve relief from acute and chronic pain, however. You can actually embrace the power of chiropractic care to eliminate pain caused by back injuries and neck injuries, including whiplash. Your downtown Calgary chiropractor will focus on the following areas to relieve the pain you experience on a daily basis.

Skeletal Alignment Restoration

When your skeletal structure moves out of proper alignment, your pain levels may skyrocket until you receive care to rectify this problem. Your chiropractor can resolve pain from injuries and medical conditions, including herniated discs, using manual and activator-based adjustments. The targeted adjustments can help reduce pressure on your nerves, muscles and joints to eliminate the pain you feel for good.

Nerve Pressure Reduction

Chiropractic care reduces pressure on nerves to reduce pain caused by entrapment after back and neck injuries occur. Certain medical conditions, including degenerative disc disease, can also put extreme pressure on your nerves. Skeletal adjustments release the trapped nerves to reduce the pain, numbness and tingling you experience. Since tight muscles can pull adjusted structures back out of misalignment, you may need to have this procedure repeated on a regular basis to retrain your body to remain in a healthy alignment.

Muscle Tension Release

When your structure remains misaligned, your muscles attempt to compensate by painfully tightening up. Whiplash and other acute injuries can also cause serious muscle tightening that causes extreme pain. With care from your chiropractor, your muscle tension will release and eliminate the pain you carry throughout your body.

Obtaining Care from Your Downtown Calgary Chiropractor

When it comes time to acquire care from your Downtown Calgary chiropractor, you should call Bankers Hall Chiropractic at 403-243-0111 to make an appointment. At your visit, you will receive the care you need to recover from acute and chronic conditions and eliminate pain from your life.

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