Benefits of Diversified Technique Adjustments

Pain does not always respond to conventional forms of treatment, like rest and medication. When this happens, it can affect an individual’s quality of life and daily activities. When conventional treatments are not enough to stop the pain, our chiropractor in Calgary offers another option. Diversified technique adjustments can provide those in pain with the relief they have been looking for.

How Are Diversified Technique Adjustments Done?

Diversified technique adjustments involve making movements that have a high velocity and low amplitude. In other words, these adjustments involve fast movements that are shallow rather than deep as massage movements are. These are generally done by hand through manual adjustments, while a table or other device is used for support. This technique typically results in the common “popping” noise that is linked to chiropractic care. Diversified technique adjustments are the most widely used type of adjustments done.

How Do Diversified Technique Adjustments Work?

These adjustments result in bringing the spine or joint back into alignment, which eases tension in this area. As this tension fades, patients should experience pain relief and relief from other symptoms, such as stiffness. Patients should also be able to move the affected joint without experiencing a limited range of motion.

What Are Diversified Technique Adjustments Used For?

These adjustments can be used to treat a wide range of conditions that cause pain. These include back injuries, neck injuries, headaches and injuries to knees and other joints. At Bankers Hall Chiropractic, Dr. Collins uses these adjustments to restore normal function to the affected joint in order to ease pain and improve range of motion. This helps relieve symptoms and can help lower the risk of having pain come back.

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If you have chronic pain and need chiropractic care, please contact Bankers Hall Chiropractic at (403)243-0111. We offer diversified technique, as well as other forms of chiropractic care for those who have persistent pain.

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