3 Ergonomics Tips for Back and Neck Pain in the Workplace

It’s not uncommon for people to experience back and neck pain in the workplace. In fact, office workersBack Pain in Calgary are among the highest at risk to experience this type of pain, given that they often sit for long hours in front of a computer with minimal movement. These three ergonomics tips can help you reduce the amount of pain you experience at work. Don’t let work become a literal pain in the neck!

1. Maintain Good Posture While Sitting

Most office workers slouch throughout the day. After all, staring at the computer screen for hours at a time and sitting in the same position can be tiring. Focus on straightening your back and shoulders as often as you can to keep your spine and neck as straight as possible.

2. Move Your Computer Screen to Eye Level

A huge reason that people experience back and neck pain in the workplace is because their computer monitors are not at eye level. This is especially true for laptop users. If your computer screen is too high or too low, you have to strain your neck in order to see. You may also want to sit approximately 18 inches away from your computer screen in order to keep your torso and head in line. It’s also important to keep your wrists in line with your keyboard to avoid strain and symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome.

3. Visit a Calgary Chiropractor to Keep Your Back and Neck Aligned

It’s nearly impossible to avoid every kind of strain when you work in an office. Visiting a Calgary chiropractor on a regular basis can not only reduce pain when you experience it, but can also help keep your body in line and prevent future injury. Additionally, our Calgary chiropractor will help you determine the greatest sources of stress on your body, so you can make adjustments to your computer or office furniture as needed.

Paying attention to ergonomics can make the time you spend at work less stressful on your body. What are some of the changes you’ve made in your office to help with back and neck pain in the workplace? We want to know!

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